After reading the chapters in Mindset, by Dr. Carol Dweck:

  • Read peers' posts
  • Respond to two other posts - (more if you get inspired)
  • Share some content with your own students
  • Document your choice with page number for our quick reference to it
  • Quote what you are referencing
  • Why did you choose the content/quotation you did?
  • How did you present it to your students?
  • Teach us WHY you chose it
  • OPTIONAL:  What would you have change

Attend FACE-2-FACE, Feb. 22nd   (Chapter 5 collaboration)

April 30th, FINAL PAPER DUE -- Growth mindset in the classroom/our schools  -- (1 - 2 pages addressing some aspect of the Growth Mindset in your/our classrooms/schools).